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​Aymeric is a multidisciplinary Paris-based artist working in video, photography, painting and 3D animation. Aymeric's work uncovers the layers of pop-culture, cinema & contemporary art through his own layering of different material investigations of colour, perspective, texture, animation and digital media. 

Drawing inspiration from films, traditional art history and the digital art scene, Aymeric creates paintings, digital artworks and films that are populated by fine details and hidden Easter eggs. Each work is part of a series that explores a theme that connects back to Aymeric's history. Whether this be his fine arts upbringing, his time in art school, working in studio photography photographing automobiles and slaving away in visual effects studios across the world. His wide-ranging work embodies an intersection of these experiences mixed in with pop culture, cinema, art history and digital art.

Aymeric earned a BA from Sydney University College of the Arts, where he studied Painting and Film photography. In 2010 he received his advanced Diploma in digital media and film studies and immediately began working in advertising and film as a video editor, motion designer, visual effects artist and art director for the next decade.

Originally from Sydney Australia, he is currently based in Paris France, working primarily in the NFT digital art scene, but also creating commissioned works for several galleries around the world as well as a freelance art director for several studios across Europe and Australia.