• I’ve got a weird name. Fact.

  • I'm a multidisciplinary visual arts from Sydney Australia, currently based in Paris, France. 

  • It will be 2 years since left in Australia (coming up July 2021). I had a good, comfortable, safe life in Australia but I let it go. I needed to be uncomfortable and challenged and I needed to know what I was made of (sounds deep doesn't it??).

  • My background involves over a decade of oil and acrylic painting. I was granted a scholarship at the Julian Ashton fine arts school when I was 12, at 14 had my first exhibition, at 18 went to Sydney University College of the Arts and graduated with my Bachelor is Visual Arts (VH000) at 21. Not that studying art and going to art school makes you a good artist. It's just my background. I do believe these helped me somewhat as an artist, whether that be through relevant skill making, meeting new artists of different disciplines and mediums, learning about art history in general but I'm also a firm believer of self teaching which I do everyday. I know many great artists who have never stepped into a school for art.

  • To see the type of art I used to paint pre-digital era, please here.

  • I'm a millennial (born in 86). I guess it plays into my way of thinking and impacts on my art making. I can be impatient and impulsive and change ideas rather quickly but I try my best to stay focused.

  • The last decade I’ve been working in advertising and video, specialising in video editing, 3D animation and motion graphics, art direction & photography (all of which have influenced my current art style).​

  • I take inspiration from street culture, fashion, contemporary artists, advertisements, photographers & visual effects artists mixed in with my own personal experience of this so called thing called life. 

  • I like to take my time working on my artworks. I worked in quick turnover environments most my life (#advertisinglife), so I didn't want to bring that mentality into my art making. I only want to push out a certain amount of works a year. That's just how I roll.

  • I'm not interested in creating works that sell or pushing political agendas with my art. If my art can inspire someone to create something, that's be awesome, but ultimately I just do what I like and what I'm feeling at the time. 

  • I want to educate people about digital art. Whether this is through showing the challenges a digital artist comes across and also showing the endless possibilities that come with it that expand beyond the imagination. Art has always been a reflection of our times. Nowadays it has transcended many mediums and evolved past the canvas. As artists we can choose to evolve and develop with the times. That's why I abandoned traditional art making & began exploring digital art. Nowadays I can use a variety of platforms like video, fashion & photography to communicate my ideas which makes it a very exciting time to be an artist.