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The Why

Art x Cars is an exploration of the automotive & art worlds. Traditionally they are two seperate scenes that don't have much interaction with one another. I wanted to create a series of works that would blend the two, creating a harmonious relationship where people can look past the stigma that surrounds each subculture and appreciate the art within. The timeless beauty of the shape and design of both classic sports cars and 20th contemporary art.


The Artists

I chose artists that play a role in my art making. Whether it was artists I studied growing up, or ones I have recently discovered, but ultimately ones that inspire me. I spent my whole life being influenced by a variety of artists with different beliefs, styles and techniques. I thought it was only fitting to pay homage to them by creating this series.

The Cars

I've selected classic sports cars, in particular models that have cultural followings from parts of the globe for different reasons (and ones I love the design of). The Ford Mustang Fastback - the ultimate icon of American masculinity, the elegance of the Aston Martin DB5, the Nissan Skyline the definitive icon of the import tuner car market.

The How

All the work is created digitally. The cars are modelled off real world blue prints via 3D modelling programs in order to be as close to the real thing as possible. The artists work are sourced from photographs then meticulously cut out one by one then carefully arranged across the body of the car. I then begin conceptualising, designing and modelling the custom branding for each vehicle based off the artists art style. Details like the artists signature, said quotes, portraits and works are used to create custom badges, emblems, tyres and realistic paint textures.

For a more detailed look at the series, feel free to head over to the my behance page and read more.


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