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Cinema Cars is a digital art series of micro-environments depicting scenes from movies - with a dominant focus on automobiles.


Created by Aymeric De Meautix, each work reveals a terrarium that is intricately detailed and built to resemble the environment from a given movie. They are memories frozen in time, preserved in a glass box, existing for all eternity on the blockchain.

Keeping in line with real world physics, Aymeric wanted each work to resemble an installation that you would find in a museum or art gallery. A kinetic environment, powered by electricity and mechanical moving parts but at the mercy of real world physics.

Search the work for hidden Easter eggs that litter the scene as well as references from the movie.

On a side note the series was a personal exploration of the themes of confinement and escapism.


Created as an ongoing series of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) minted on the Ethereum blockchain, they are part of a greater unrevealed project by Aymeric that explores the capabilities of Web3 technology and how it can allow creators and collectors of art to connect and interact with one another as well as push the boundaries of digital art.

Rewatching each film and digitally recreating certain scenes - modelling + placing each element, rearranging the composition, allowed Aymeric to build a stronger appreciation for the teams of people that created such beautiful worlds & allowed him to connect to the each movie on a much deeper level - something he hopes the audience can feel & experience themselves.



The most recognisable cars in cinematic history. 

Available here

The Time Machine

Explorer 04

The Interceptor


The DB5


Inspired by The Fast and the Furious saga, 3 cars, 3 films that defined a generation.

Available here

The Beast

Brian's R34

Mona Lisa


If you collect each edition in a drop you will have the opportunity to claim a special collectable NFT.

The more unique "Collector Keys" you collect, the more you can unlock. 

Each drop will showcase a new design.

Unlocks include:

  • Custom designed 1/1 NFTs where the collector and artist can work together.

  • Access to Collector's Only drops

  • Monthly Raffle entry for bonus NFTs

  • Physical prints & custom made movie posters ft. the NFT art

  • Specially designed skateboards

  • Infinite objects

  • Whitelist spots for my upcoming unrevealed project

Contact me either on email, twitter or Instagram with your wallet address to claim your collectible NFT.


The perfect choice for the quick getaway. 

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