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In a difficult year that many will remember for the exceptional amount of time spent indoors, never has access the outdoors been such a luxury. And never has it served as such solace to so many. As we now flock to parks, riverbanks, and forests like never before, we reevaluated our personal connection with the great outdoors but also the time spent indoors — and so, too, did my art.


Cinema is a simple but powerful tool that allows us to forget our daily troubles by getting lost in the stories and worlds that are depicted on screen. I like many resorted to watching movies as a means to escape the grim reality of the current world situation, being confined to my small apartment over the past year. It's been an extremely mentally challenging time and never has the notion of escapism ever been so prevalent in our lives.


Cinema Cars is a 5 part series of digital artworks that plays on the themes of confinement and escapism. Each work depicts a famous automobile from cinematic history and the surrounding environment is modelled from various scenes in those movies.

In cinema vehicles are generally used as a mode of travel & escape for the characters. By confining the vehicles in a small space, I'm depicting on a metaphorical level the themes of confinement & escapism - the vehicle being an outward manifestation of ourselves and the glass case representing our confined living space during the pandemic (for those of us who were forced to stay inside months on end). 

However there is a side of beauty to the work. The inside environment, being a living & thriving ecosystem - representing the world we create for ourselves inside our homes to escape the reality of being locked up.


Drop 01 - OG Classics available on Makers Place

Drop 02:  Getaway Cars

Drop 03: Weird & Wonderful

Drop 04: The Cool Kids

Drop 05: Racing Legends