• All my works are original and custom made. Made by me, with the exception that ​​I sometimes collaborate with other artists if needed.

  • My artworks are created at extremely high resolutions. There's no messing around here. They aren't stretched or upscaled in any way. I use the highest resolution textures and materials when creating my works and render them out at 10k+ resolutions to ensure nothing but crystal clear sharp quality work.


  • All artworks take a considerable amount of time to make. I won’t be pushing out new art every day or week, but I’ll try my best. It all depends on the idea and what's going on in my life at the time. 

  • I personally inspect every artwork to make sure they are 100% perfect before I send them out.​ 

  • All artworks come ready to hang. This includes nails and a heady duty frame hook to nail to your wall. All you need is a hammer or some thick object with considerable mass to lock it in, like your head.

  • Renting an apartment and don't want to nail stuff into the walls cause your landlords a dick? You can try those adhesive hooks, you'll have to source it yourself however. The decks are only around 1-2kg in weight so they're fairly light. Otherwise nail it and when you're jumping ship, putty and paint that sh*t up. It's easier than it sounds. 

  • I ship via international couriers, to maintain the fastest and safest option. UPS for worldwide, DPD for Europe. Tracking numbers will be emailed to you once the package has been sent.

  • This ain't Amazon. Don't expect overnight delivery. I have to personally assemble, package and then walk half a kilometre to the courier office to send off the packages. I only assemble the decks once they've been sold as they take up too much space in my studio once assembled, hence the time. It's also a pandemic = longer than usual wait times. Chill, it will come.


  • I do accept returns. You've got 30 days from date of purchase. However you will have to sort postage out yourself and return the artwork in original condition #sorrynotsorry. Refunds will be processed once the deck has arrived back and has been inspected.

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