Give Me Space

Motez ft. The Kite Stringe Table

Directed by Aymeric.

In a time where many have experienced feelings of isolation, the video clip is centred around that pertinent feeling of escapism following an vintage toy astronaut, known as 'The Dreamer’ who seeks an escape from his own confinements. The film clip is situated in a dimly lit run-down office and is littered with nostalgic easter eggs and pop-culture references. In this gritty setting, the astronaut expresses a hopeful sentiment.  Finding the means and comfort in his current surroundings the Dreamer creates his own escape, becoming lost in the simplicity and endless possibilities of his own imagination. A simple, beautifully composed 3D animated story that along with the release of NFTs signals a move past a global pandemic and into an optimistic future.

The toy astronaut, a focus of the film clip, will be one of five collectibles available in an exclusive NFT drop which is set to be hosted on $MEME, a decentralised protocol for farming NFTs, and a platform that Aymeric himself has steadily built a following on among collectors and fellow artists since his first NFT release in January. With a film clip that is oozing with nostalgia, Motez and The Kite String Tangle looked to Aymeric to orchestrate the release, allowing fans to own a series of digital collectibles featured in the ‘Give Me Space’ video that serve as an extension of the story and lore.

10% of all proceeds from the NFT release will be donated to Cool Earth, a charity that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.

GiveMeSpace Collection.png