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Art x Cars Series 002 Update

Hey everyone! Just an update on Art x Car Series 002!

2020 was a year of self discovery and personal growth. We all had our challenges and on a creative level I feel I progressed greatly luckily to all the time I had inside to spend on this. 2021 started off with few challenges but overall it’s off to a great start.

The first work of series 002 was finished in December 2020 - introducing the 240z x Mondrian. I decided to begin Series 002 with the legendary Datsun 240z as an homage to Yoshihiko Matsuo (the designer of the 240z) who passed away in 2020.

I’ve loved Piet Mondrian’s work since I can remember so I was ecstatic to begin Series 002 with him. The symmetry of Mondrian’s works lined up perfectly with the sleek body of the 240z so the two was a match made in heaven and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Next up is the 1956 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing 300sl combined with the works of Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky’s works were particularly difficult to source (HQ versions) as well as meticulous to cut out and place along the body of the Merc. Overall, its extremely chaotic, but I feel that it works.

Below is a quick teaser of the Merc before I reveal it on instagram this Friday at midday (Paris time).

I did model the Merc to have the ability to have the doors open and rise, but for the sake of the canvas (being the skateboard) having the doors open doesn’t give much space as well as the door is a large canvas for the artwork to be printed on, so that takes away more of the purpose of showing the works of the artist.

I’m hoping to smash out Series 002 by June this year just in time for the Euro summer. I do plan on potentially having an exhibition in Paris, that comprises of the decks as well as custom prints I’ve been working on, however with Covid lingering around, that plan is slowly seeming distant every day.


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