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STARMEME is a nod to the 3-year anniversary of SpaceX launching the Tesla Roadster into outer space and highlights the epic moments that continue to drive into the future of DeFi and NFTs.


Just like SpaceX’s history-making event, this drop features an ode to the late David Bowie and his seminal ‘Starman’ with each piece of the collection named with lyrics from the song.

Featuring 4 works in total the drop was well received amongst the Don't Buy Meme community.



A week before the 3 year anniversary of SpaceX launch, I had an idea to combine the worlds of Don't Buy Meme and Tesla into a NFT drop.

The idea was ambitious - to involve previous $MEME artists (several who are key influential figures in the NFT scene now) and create a narrative of Starman's adventures as it travels through the universe encountering various figures and objects from previous $MEME artist drops as well as involve meme lore.

The plan was to begin with contacting Fewocious, Jon Noorlander, The Blocktimes & Sven Eberwein. Several of the artists had become very well known in the NFT space, so getting a hold of each of them proved to be difficult but they all loved the idea and came on board and quickly provided me with the necessary materials needed to complete the drop. 

The underlying issue here was the timing. The anniversary date was in 5 days, and there was a lot of modelling, animating, compositing and rendering required before then - as well as creating smart contracts, a splash page and minting the works on the blockchain.


I set out and first decided that the main 1/1 work would parody the Futurama title sequence. Being a big fan of Futurama, it allowed me to revisit my love for the cartoon and pay homage to it in a way that was modern and refreshing. 5 days and no sleep after, I was able to make the dead line and the NFT launch was very successful with the Don't Buy Meme team going all out and creating a whole new landing page entirely dedicated to the drop (the first time they had done this).

The drop was was widely successful, with all the works selling out in 2 days and the mountain NFT collector himself - Silver Surfer winning the 1/1 auction titled Let the children Boogie for a whooping 18 MEME (roughly ~19k USD at the time of sale).

pineapple man.jpg

'Let the children boogie' featured an array of references from $MEME, Elon Musk's work and Futurama universe.

The list is as follows:

- Spacex BFR rocket cameo

- Planet Express cameo

- Futurama intro title sequence

- $MEME Pineapples in the Futurama transport tubes

- The Block Times 'Moon' character cameo

- Pineapple man reading a Block Times newspaper whilst sitting on Voyager 1

- Tesla Roadster with Bitcoin license plate

- 355.55 FM radio station

- Tesla / Meme merged logo

- 'I am become meme, destroyed of shorts' tweet

- Fewocious artwork 'Nobody knows me' from the Silver Surfer collection

- Golden Pineapple asteroid belt featuring Sven Eberwein's pineapples

- $MEME juice box

- Pineapple shaped galaxy

- Traffic lights from Futurama series

- The Moon + Mars cameos

The 3 other works in the collection were also named after David Bowie songs - hazy cosmic jive, if we can sparkle he may land tonight and waiting in the sky. Each works visuals were specifically created with the name of the song in mind and each work featured elements from the other artists.

You can view each NFT artwork below:

Let all the children boogie

Hazy Cosmic Jive

If we can sparkle he may land tonight


Waiting in the sky

STAKE_VISOR_00112 copy.jpg